Change Notes

EiffelFox-0.9.3 (Mon Feb 03 2003)
* Relaxed version check at initialization for stable releases.
* Added obsolete routines for routines renamed in 0.9.2.
* Renamed FX_IO_xxx_MESSAGE classes to FX_IO_xxx_EVENT for consistency.

EiffelFox-0.9.2 (Wed Oct 16 2002)
* Updated for replacement of SmartEiffel for SmallEiffel.
* Added support for event messages whose data pointer is a pointer to an
  integer or some other custom value (see FX_OBJECT.add_integer_command).
* Renamed `make_item_visible' to `set_item_visible' in FX_TREE_LIST and
* Renamed `make_position_visible' to `set_item_visible' in FX_TABLE
* Renamed `make_position_visible' to `set_position_visible' in FX_TEXT_FIELD
* Improved assertions.

EiffelFox-0.9.1 (Mon Jun 24 2002)
* Added support for agents for SmallEiffel builds.
* Changed to using new "create" keyword instead of obsolete "!!" for creation.
* Changed from using `empty' to `is_empty' on ARRAY and STRING for ELKS 2001
* Dropped support for ISE Eiffel-4 compiler because of ELKS 2001 compatibility.

EiffelFox-0.9 (Mon Jun 10 2002)
* Integrated with fox-1.0.11.
* Added support for FX_RGB_IMAGE and FX_RGB_ICON.
* Fixed Win32 compilation problems.
* Fixed SmallEiffel portability problem.

EiffelFox-0.8.9 (Wed Jan 30 2002)
* Removed obsolete message identifiers which caused FX_DIALOG_BOX to fail.

EiffelFox-0.8.8 (Wed Jan 23 2002)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.189.
* Restored 'expanded' declaration from several small classes.
* Fixed problem resulting precondition violation when running application.
* Fixed various assertions.

EiffelFox-0.8.7 (Fri Dec 21 2001)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.187.
* Updated configuration for new directory structure of ISE Eiffel 5.
* Added support for FX_ICO_IMAGE and FX_ICO_ICON.
* Added support for FX_PCX_IMAGE and FX_PCX_ICON.
* Added support for FX_TGA_IMAGE and FX_TGA_ICON.
* Added support for FX_TIF_IMAGE and FX_TIF_ICON.
* Removed 'expanded' declaration from several small classes.
* Fixed various assertions.

EiffelFox-0.8.6 (Wed Sep 12 2001)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.175.
* Fixed core dump when compiled with gcc-2.96 (some classes missed in previous

EiffelFox-0.8.5 (Wed Aug 29 2001)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.174.
* Updated to new Eiffel Forum License, version 1.
* Renamed `dispose_widgets' feature to `dispose_widget'.
* Removed platform cluster from ACE files.
* Added support for FX_DEVICE_CONTEXT_PRINTER.
* Fixed bug in FX_STATUS_LINE.set_normal_text.
* Fixed core dump when compiled with gcc-2.96.

EiffelFox-0.8.4 (Wed Jun 06 2001)
* Removed spurious precondition in creation routines for FX_POPUP.
* Fixed C++ compilation errors on IRIX.

EiffelFox-0.8.3 (Wed Jun 06 2001)
* Fixed configuration for use with ISE Eiffel5 compiler (beta).

EiffelFox-0.8.2 (Sun May 20 2001)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.172.
* Made input monitoring routines in FX_APPLICATION available in both Unix and
* Added new redefinable `dispose_widgets' feature to all widgets to permit
  disposing of owned shell widgets when widget has been removed from GUI.
* Restored support for disconnecting from GUI in forked processes.
* Fixed FX_MODIFIER_DATA queries.

EiffelFox-0.8.1 (Tue Feb 06 2001)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.155, necessitating the following changes:
  - Replaced matching_item queries of FX_LIST, FX_ICON_LIST, and FX_TREE_LIST
    with search command.
* Renamed features `insert_item', `replace_item', `append_item',
  `prepend_item', and `remove_all_items' of FX_ICON_LIST to `insert',
  `replace', `append', `prepend', and `remove_all' for consistency with
  other container classes.
* Renamed feature `extend' of FX_COMBO_BOX to `append' for consistency with
  new feature `prepend'.
* Renamed feature `extend' of FX_HEADER to `append' for consistency with
  new feature `prepend'.
* Renamed feature `remove_all_items' of FX_TREE_LIST and FX_TREE_LIST_BOX to
  `remove_all' for consistency with other container classes.
* Changed default setting of message handled when an installed handler was
  invoked. Now messages continue through all handlers unless explicitly marked
  as handled by the handling routine.
* Implemented simple alphabetic sorting for items of FX_LIST, FX_ICON_LIST,
  FX_TREE_LIST, and FX_TREE_LIST_BOX, since sort functions did not work.
* Changed signature of FX_REGISTRY procedures.
* Renamed feature "sort_items" of FX_ICON_LIST to "sort"
* Renamed features "panel" and "set_panel" of FX_TAB_BAR and FX_SWITCHER to
  "item" and "set_item".
* Improved assertions on FX_DEVICE_CONTEXT.
* Fixed FX_MENU_PANE demo node in tutorial example application.
* Added FX_DELEGATOR widget.
* Added FX_GIF_CURSOR widget.
* Added FX_IMAGE_VIEWER widget.
* Added FX_LIST_BOX widget.
* Added FX_PRINT_DIALOG widget.
* Added FX_REPLACE_DIALOG widget.
* Added FX_SEARCH_DIALOG widget.
* Added FX_TOOL_BAR widget.
* Added FX_TOOL_BAR_GRIP widget.
* Added FX_TOOL_BAR_SHELL widget.
* Added new configure options.

EiffelFox-0.8.0 (Sun Oct 15 2000)
* Added full support for both Unix and Win32 platforms for each of the
  supported Eiffel compilers, ISE EiffelBench, Halstenbach iss-base and
* Replaced Microsoft Visual C++ workspace and project files with new ones,
  EiffelFox.dsw and EiffelFox.dsp, which can build C libraries for each of the
  supported Eiffel compilers.
* Added documentation.

EiffelFox-0.7.6 (Thu Sep 28 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.131.
* Improved build process.

EiffelFox-0.7.5 (Tue Aug 14 2000)
* Fixed configure script to properly reject unsupported releases of SmallEiffel.
* Updated MSVC project file.

EiffelFox-0.7.4 (Wed Jul 26 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.128.
* Ported to Halstenbach iss-base Eiffel compiler.
* Renamed features "index_current", "current_index", and "set_current_index"
  of FX_COMBO_BOX to "item_current", "current_item", and "set_current_item",
  for consistency with FX_LIST and FX_ICON_LIST.
* Renamed features "increment_value" and "set_increment_value" of FX_DIAL,
  and "set_value_increment" to avoid confusing "increment_value" as command.
* Renamed features "minimum_limit", "maximum_limit", "set_minimum_limit",
  "set_maximum_limit", and "set_min_max" of FX_DIAL, FX_SLIDER, FX_SPINNER,
  and FX_INTEGRAL_VALUE_ADJUSTER to "range_minimum", "range_maximum",
  "set_range_minimum", "set_range_maximum", and "set_range".
* Changed example makefiles to be control building application with arbitray
* Fixed configure script to properly reject old releases of SmallEiffel.
* Fixed Windows ACE files to accomodate to reworking of external linkage.

EiffelFox-0.7.3 (Mon Jun 12 2000)
* Removed precondition from FX_ROUTINE which is based upon function in ISE
  ROUTINE class which in not yet in general distribution.

EiffelFox-0.7.2 (Sun Jun 11 2000)
* Removed FX_SCROLL_CORNER widget, which was used by Fox for internal purposes
* Added assertion check for external linkage of widget (that underlying C++
  object has been created) to all calls on the widget. This replaces the crude
  invariant that was previously used. This also allowed additional assertion
  checks on item removal from lists.
* Changed configure script to reject unsupported releases of SmallEiffel, to
  allow the check for a compiler to be skipped, to allow building shared
  libraries, and to control compilation options.
* Fixed several postcondition violations.

EiffelFox-0.7.1 (Wed Jun 08 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.123, necessitating the following changes:
  - Removed several features from FX_TEXT, and added several more.
  - Changed Text_xxx options in FX_OPTION_SET.
* Fixed incorrect generation of precompile in generated ACE files.

EiffelFox-0.7 (Mon May 29 2000)
* Added support for SmallEiffel compiler, necessitating the following changes:
  - Renamed ISE libraries from libefx.a and libefx_gl.a to libefx_ise.a and
* Integrated with fox-0.99.122, necessitating the following changes:
  - Replaced feature "greater" in FX_LIST_SORT_FUNCTION and
    FX_TREE_SORT_FUNCTION with "comparison".
  - Renamed features "popup" and "set_popup" of FX_MENU_TITLE and
    FX_MENU_CASCADE to "menu" and "set_menu".
  - All text strings read from widgets (with the exception of {FX_TEXT}.text)
    will not be void, always returning a value, even if empty. Postconditions
    on such features have changed to describe this behavior.
* Removed 'list' feature from FX_LIST_ITEM.
* Removed 'header' feature from FX_HEADER_ITEM.
* Removed feature "make_with_accelerator" from FX_MENU_COMMAND.
* Renamed feature "set_selection_back_color" of FX_TREE_LIST to
  "set_selection_background_color" for consistency.
* Renamed value and limit access and setting features to be consistent across
  the variety of value adjustment widgets, FX_DIAL, FX_SLIDER, FX_SPINNER.
  These widgets now inherit from an abstract class FX_INTEGRAL_VALUE_ADJUSTER.
* Renamed features "cursor_window" and "focus_window" of FX_APPLICATION to
  "cursor_widget" and "focus_widget".
* Renamed features "selected" and "visible" to "item_selected" and
  "item_visible" in FX_LIST for consistency.
* Renamed features "item_space" and "set_item_space" to "item_spacing" and
  "set_item_spacing" in FX_FILE_DIALOG and FX_FILE_SELECTOR.
* Renamed feature "set_expanded_pane" in FX_FOUR_SPLITTER to "expand_pane".
* Renamed features "raise" and "lower" in FX_WINDOW to "raise_window" and
* Renamed feature "offered_dnd_type" of FX_WINDOW to "is_offered_dnd_type".
* Renamed feature "child_count" of FX_TREE_ITEM to "count".
* Renamed features "inquire_dnd_types" and "inquire_dnd_action" in FX_WINDOW
  to "dnd_type" and "dnd_action".
* Fixed inoperative "set_value" features in FX_SLIDER and FX_SPINNER.
* Added and improved a great many assertions.
* Upgraded groupbox example application to exactly replicate behavior of
  current Fox groupbox test application.

EiffelFox-0.6.1 (Tue Jan 25 2000)
* Removed obsolete cluster from example ACE files.

EiffelFox-0.6 (Tue Jan 25 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.107.
* Completely overhauled method of modifying widget options after widget
* Renamed all xxx_list_xxx_select option features to xxx_list_xxx_selection
  for consistency.
* Renamed feature "recalc" of FX_WINDOW to "recalculate".
* Renamed features "popup_style" and "set_popup_style" of FX_POPUP to
  "orientation" and "set_orientation".
* Fixed postcondition violations in creation routines for FX_DIALOG_BOX,
* Added options to several widgets in tutorial example application.

EiffelFox-0.5.3 (Mon Jan 17 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.103.
* Fixed argument type of feature set_popup from class FX_OPTION_MENU.
* Added support for FX_XPM_ICON and FX_XPM_IMAGE.
* Added more feature header comments.
  "optional" cluster from subclusters of it.

EiffelFox-0.5.2 (Tue Jan 11 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.100, necessitating the following changes:
  Removed features 'text' and 'set_text' from FX_SPINNER.
* Removed feature set_position from FX_TOP_WINDOW, since this was the same as
  set_geometry inherited from FX_WINDOW.

EiffelFox-0.5.1 (Tue Jan 11 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.99.
* Renamed several minor features.
* Fixed configure script to stop when Fox library is found.
* Added more feature header comments.
* Expanded descriptions in index clauses of several classes.

EiffelFox-0.5 (Mon Jan 10 2000)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.98.
* Renamed several minor features.
* Corrected postconditions to FX_TABLE features delete_rows, delete_columns.
  (located in separate clusters, since these and Fox require external
  supporting libraries to be used; libjpeg and libpng).
* Added feature header comments to most features.
* Expanded descriptions in index clauses of many classes.

EiffelFox-0.4.3 (Thu Dec 02 1999)
* Corrected compile define in Win32 ACE files.

EiffelFox-0.4.2 (Sat Nov 27 1999)
* Ported to Win32 (see the MSVC workspace file Clib/efx.dsw).
* Changed configure script to adapt LACE cluster specification for EiffelBase
  depending upon version of ISE compiler (4.5 version is different).
* Integrated with fox-0.99.90, necessitating the following changes:
  Removed the message type MSG_VISIBILITY and is companion
  Added features add_signal and remove_signal to FX_APPLICATION.
  Added features color_entry and write_color_entry to FX_REGISTRY.
  Removed feature get_display from FX_ID.
* Renamed feature hit_item to item_region, as well as its possible return
* Renamed features int_entry and write_int_entry to integer_entry and
  write_integer_entry, respectively [FX_REGISTRY].
* Renamed feature number_of_children to child_count [FX_WINDOW].
* Renamed features filename and set_filename to file_name and set_file_name,
* Renamed CLIB.dsw and CLIB.dsp workspace and project files to efx.dsw and
  efx.dsp [Win32].
* Removed incorrect postconditions from set_file_name and set_directory
  features, since a transformation of the supplied directory or file name
  was what actually was set (e.g. a relative path transformed into absolute).

EiffelFox-0.4.1 (Thu Oct 14 1999)
* Fixed makefile problems.
* Fixed compilation problems in hello and tutorial examples.
* Implemented more non-agent commands in groupbox example.
* Added effective use of color in tutorial example.
* Changed configure script to display where FOX was found.

EiffelFox-0.4 (Wed Oct 13 1999)
* Integrated with fox-0.99.75, necessitating the following changes:
  Moved show_modal_xxx_box features from FX_APPLICATION into new class
    FX_MODAL_MESSAGES, renaming them and changing their signatures.
  Began real implementation of FX_TABLE.
* Renamed features packing_style and set_packing_style in FX_PACKER to
  packing_hints and set_packing_hints, respectively for consistency with Fox
  naming coventions.
* Changed interface to FX_TOGGLE_BUTTON.
* Changed creation routine of FX_HEADER_ITEM to include item size, which is
  not directly changeable after item creation (possible through list only).
* Changed names of List_xxx_selection options to List_xxx_select for
  consistency with other option names.
* Changed signature of creation routine for FX_SHUTTER_ITEM.
* Changed from using auto-generated wrapper source files to one large composite
  file, dramatically reducing compilation time for the C++ wrapper library.
* Exported all low-level option access and setting features.
* Added workspace and project files for Microsoft Developers Studio in Clib.
* Started work on port to SmallEiffel. EiffelFox may now be compiled using
  SmallEiffel, but SmallEiffel is not yet generating correct C++ code.
* Implemented most of FX_CANVAS.
* Added new example applications: hello, scribble and tutorial.
* Precompiled libraries can now be selected from configure script.
* Fixed potential for crash by disabling garbage collection during external
  calls in a few critical places.
* Fixed {FX_SLIDER}.range, which returned wrong low value.
* Fixed and added many assertions.
* Fixed accelerators. Accelerators may now be added to menu commands by
  calling {FX_MENU_COMMAND}.set_accelerator. The Fox library method of
  including the accelerator or help text in the menu text using a tab
  separator is not supported by EiffelFox.

EiffelFox-0.3 (Tue Aug 17 1999)
* Fixed ineffective class invariant in ENFORCED_EXTERNAL_LINKAGE.
* Fixed postconditions for FX_TREE_LIST, FX_TREE_LIST_BOX, and their items.
* Fixed postcondition for child_at_index in FX_WINDOW.
* Fixed Void assignment to expanded type error in FX_HEADER_ITEM.
* Fixed one-based indexing errors in FX_LIST.
* Integrated with fox-0.99.63, necessitating the following changes:
  Changed creation routines of FX_POPUP, FX_DIALOG_BOX, and all descendents,
    which now take an owning window instead of the application.
  Moved all FX_OLD_xxx classes into new "obsolete" cluster.
  Moved Clib widgets out of libefx.a library into new libefxold.a library.
* Changed send_message in FX_OBJECT to pass event structure to handle().
* Changed manner in which returned strings are held on to to be more
  portable across compilers.
* Implemented FX_COLOR_WELL.
* Implemented FX_DIRECTORY_BOX.
* Implemented FX_FILE_LIST.
* Added dispose to FX_STREAM to close stream.
* Added constants to FX_APPLICATION for message box results.
* Added project and workspace files in Clib for MS Developers' Studio.
* Split platform-dependent features into new clusters.

EiffelFox-0.2.2 (Mon Jun 15 1999)
* Added missing creation clause to new FX_LIST and FX_COMBO_BOX.
* Removed useless FX_COMPOSITE arguments from creation routines of

EiffelFox-0.2.1 (Mon Jun 14 1999)
* Added missing creation clause to new FX_LIST and FX_COMBO_BOX.
* Fixed ineffective options in FX_COMBO_BOX make_with_options feature.
* Fixed Void assignment to expanded type error in FX_LIST.

EiffelFox-0.2 (Mon Jun 14 1999)
* Fixed problem reading text parameters from widgets.
* Fixed problem reading images from file using FX_FILE_STREAM.
* Updated for current Fox distribution (necessitated the following changes):
  Renamed FX_LIST to FX_OLD_LIST.
  Removed maximum_child_width and maximum_child_height from FX_COMPOSITE.
  Removed set_default and set_non_default from FX_ROOT_WINDOW.
  Renamed option Visual_default to Visual_best.
  Added new FX_COMBO_BOX.
  Added new FX_LIST and FX_LIST_ITEM.
  Added new and missing options.

EiffelFox-0.1.2 (Thu Jun 10 1999)
* Fixed inability to save/load image/icon pixels to/from an FXStream.
* Corrected incorrect assertions.
* Added ability to have transient items for all list and tree containers.

EiffelFox-0.1 (Mon May 31 1999)
* First public release
* Changed FX_MESSAGE_TYPES feature name prefixes from SEL_ to MSG_.
* Renamed FX_OBJECT feature 'add_command' to 'add_type_command'.
* Renamed FX_APPLICATION feature 'create_windows' to 'create_resources'.
* Renamed FX_APPLICATION feature 'destroy_windows' to 'destroy_resources'.
* Renamed FX_DRAWABLE feature 'create_widget' to 'create_resources'.
* Renamed FX_DRAWABLE feature 'destroy_widget' to 'destroy_resources'.

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